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an English teacher from the US

My name is Ryan Joseph Scholle. I was born and raised in San Buena Ventura, California, USA in 1979. My father’s family line are of Italian-German origin. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather all have the name Joseph. My ancestors were farmers. I also lived on the family farm for some time where I learned a lot about this lifestyle.

I began working at a very young age of 9 years old helping my father with his construction business. He showed me how to work and every aspect of building and business administration. As a boy I was into playing sports, studying art and making music. And still to this day I love sports, art and music. I appreciate a wide variety of music as I have been exploring music for about 25 years.

I enjoy helping people. I came to Russia to teach English as a second language. And I am currently teaching business professionals in Moscow. I love children and look forward to introducing them to the English language as a native speaker.

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